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Leigh-on-Sea, Essex & nationally via Skype

Hi I’m Chelsea and I am a qualified homeopath based in Leigh-on-Sea.  My aim is to help you feel amazing, naturally.

Lets face it life is busy.  If you are like me, you’re probably juggling work, family, friends and numerous other commitments. Your days are a constant whirlwind with little time to stop and breath let alone time to read and understand all the confusing health advice available to us.

It’s no wonder we end up never feeling our best.


You are probably fed up with feeling tired, lacking in energy, stressed, with crazy hormones and finding yourself susceptible to every little cold.  You may even be thinking it’s time to make some health and well-being changes.

My passion is helping you make those changes.


I want your health challenges to be a thing of the past and for you to be the best, most healthy and happy version of yourself.  Let’s get started together!

Chelsea in nature

As a busy mum of two, homeopathy has helped me

Solutions that are natural, safe, toxic free and effective

It’s important we are the right fit for one another – why not book a free 30-minute discovery call

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