As an Australian, I have struggled with British winters for many years and I’ve tested just about every survival technique going.  Year after year I would feel down in the dumps over the winter period but now with my tried and trusted tips I am surviving the long, dark days.

  1. Get outdoors                                                                                                                        

Winter can be a beautiful time of year if you get outside and enjoy it.  Even on those cold,  damp miserable days, take the time to get out and get some fresh air.  Walking is known to improve your overall wellbeing and help fight depression.  Take the time to enjoy your surroundings.  Yes, we all love those crisp sunny, cold days, but even the grey gloom can have its own beauty.

  1. Take a Vitamin D supplement

The human body makes most of its Vitamin D from exposure to the sun.  A small amount of Vitamin D can be absorbed through certain foods such as oily fish and eggs however it is not enough to meet our recommended daily requirement.  Vitamin D is important for immunity as well as being very effective in the treatment of seasonal affective disorder, depression and anxiety.

  1. Eat well

Make simple changes – swap salads for soups; herbal and fruit teas can be a great way of getting fluids on board; and use warming spices such as cayenne pepper and cinnamon.  Eating well not only helps you maintain good energy levels but will also help with immunity.

  1. Use essential oils

Essential oils are known for their mood enhancing properties.  Bergamot, for example, is an energising oil and can stimulate feelings of joy and freshness.  Both lavender and chamomile can alleviate stress and anxiety.  Ylang ylang promotes feelings of confidence and positivity.  Oils can be used in many different ways, personally I recommend using your favourite blend in a diffuser for 20 minutes a day.

If you would like to know any more about staying healthy and energised throughout the winter months, drop me an email.

Chelsea x